After her big sister’s retirement party, Liz invites her big and little sisters back to her recently renovated house in order to show it off. Or is it to show off? Perhaps it’s actually to reveal an aching and secret truth, a truth that’s been tearing Liz’s marriage apart for years, that’s been affecting her relationship with her little sister for years, and perhaps now is the time at last for all those concerned to come face to face with the consequences of their past.

Influenced by the creative process of Mike Leigh and others, this one-act dark comedy was inspired by characters created and improvised by the actors below as part of a Creative Acting for Theatre course facilitated by Fintan Kelly, where the final character and story development was then brought together by Paul O’Reilly in this new and exciting play.

Premiere performance took place in Presentation Arts Centre, Enniscorthy on February 10th, 2023, directed by Fintan Kelly.

LIZ (real name: ELIZABETH) … Christine Quin
PATRICK (childhood nickname: SNAKE) … John Kirwan
MARGE (real name: MARGARET) … Jennafer Boyd
EMMY … Clodagh Doyle
JULES (real name: JULIANA) … Leona Eustace Breen
GRACE … Naoise O’Connor
TOMMY … Paul O’Reilly

Marge, Liz and Jules are sisters.
Liz is married to Patrick. They have children who are away.
Marge is unmarried. 
Emmy is her young friend and worked with Marge.
Jules is Grace’s mother.
Tommy works for Patrick.

Running time: approx. 45 mins.

Script available on request.